Pattaya Thailand Nightlife; Adjoining Sois

As you browse around the Pattaya Thailand Nightlife section of my website, you’ll find that all the main hotspots have got a dedicated page detailing what sort of things you’ll find there if you decide to visit. There are, however, lots of other places to go for some entertainment outside the main haunts. This page will give you some information about a selection of them. All of them are easy to find being located off Pattaya Second Road.

Pattaya Thailand Nightlife in the Northern Area

The main venue in the North is covered on my page about Soi 6. There is another venue though that I’ve not written about elsewhere on the site i.e. ‘Drinking Street’.

Drinking Street is worth a visit if you are staying at a hotel in North Pattaya. You’ll find it opposite the Tiffany Ladyboy Show. I wandered there at about 8pm and found it to be a bit quiet (although it is the low season) but later on it gets busier. After about 10pm, when the Tiffany show comes to an end, the place starts pulling in a few customers. Early on I found the atmosphere to be quite relaxed; the music was targeted at a slightly older crowd, and overall I though it a good place to start the night. There are plenty of attractive ladies in the bars too!

Pattaya Thailand Nightlife in the Central Area

There are three places here worth a mention that I’ve not mentioned elsewhere.

First up is ‘Soi New Plaza’ (update: this Soi now has a dedicated page) which you’ll find opposite Soi 8. Soi New Plaza has bars down each side of the soi as well as a cluster of bars down the middle of it. The bars down the middle of the plaza are a good option if you are on a tight budget as the drinks here are cheap.

At the time of writing, a bottle of Chang beer costs a mere 40 baht. You’ll probably also notice that this soi tends to pull in a healthy amount of trade, most of it is from older customers that know Pattaya quite well.

Next up on the Pattaya Thailand Night less well-known list is ‘Soi Made in Thailand’ which you find a little further down Second Road opposite the Central Festival shopping mall. Soi Made in Thailand has got lots of stuff going on and feels a bit livelier than the other places mentioned so far.

There is usually a live music act going on in one bar or another and the girls are a bit more pushy (although I didn’t see too many good-looking girls here!). Overall, it’s worth a look.

Last up for the nightspots in the central part of town is ‘Soi Honey’ and it is well worth a visit. Soi Honey is well established as a premier destination if you are looking for a naughty massage! There are lots of massage parlours and many of them double as bars. The name of the soi relates to the Honey Massage parlour that has been around for a long time. If you are looking for a ladyboy massage, I hear that this is the place to go. Be warned that the girls here are no ‘shrinking violets’, they will almost certainly attach themselves to your arm as you wander past!

Pattaya Thailand Nightlife in the South

There are two venues in particular that stand out in the south of the city that I have not mentioned elsewhere; both run from Second Road down to Beach Road:

Soi 13, 1 (also known as Soi Yamato) has a bar at the top corner which gets quite busy after dark; it is called the ‘Wonderful Bar’. I wouldn’t quite go as far as to call it wonderful, but it is a decent place for a drink. From around 7pm there is a live music act most nights. Walking further down the soi towards Beach Road there is an assortment of small bars and restaurants many of which are popular with the older crowd. UK bars are especially popular here for some reason.

Soi 13, 2 (also known as Soi Post Office) is a favourite of mine largely due to one particular bar that I like i.e. the Bodega Bar. This bar offers a good value and good perch to sit on and watch the world go by. At night it gets fairly busy and it is yet another good option for the first few drinks of the night. Wandering further down the soi to the beach, there is another good selection of bars and restaurants. There are also quite a few massage parlours here where (at the time of writing) you can get a 1 hour massage from two ladies for a mere 500 baht.

This list does not cover all the nightspots in Pattaya; if you have some favourites that are not mentioned, feel free to mention them in the comments box below.

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