Pattaya Walking Street 2015

Pattaya Walking Street will probably always be the main tourist attraction as far as the nightlife is concerned… at least as far as I can see into the future. There has been a lot of money spent on developing this part of the city into a party zone – much more than other beachfront nightspots.

The bars, restaurants and discos here are much larger an more impressive than the sort of beer bars that you find elsewhere, so my prediction that the nightlife will gradually move inland as time goes by doesn’t apply to Walking Street because the development here is so large. I think that if a hotel were to try and build in the middle of Pattaya Walking Street, the cost of demolishing the existing real estate would be much higher.

Development of existing bars here is also ongoing. ‘The Stone House’ that you can see in the picture above is one such recent development. It a bar in a similar mould to the ‘Rolling Live’ bars that are springing up all over the place i.e. it is a live music venue, with Rock music being the main genre played. I wonder if the naming of these bars has something to do with the Rolling Stones, although there’s no acknowledgement of that in any of the venues.

Anyone that has visited this area of Pattaya will probably have noticed the car mounted on the side of the wall. For a long time I used to wander past this venue and wonder what it was e.g. restaurant, gogo, or disco? It turns out that it is a disco.

Footfall on Pattaya Walking Street is as heavy as ever but a large part of it is made up of gawpers… people wandering around in groups buying nothing and just looking/photographing anything of interest.

I ventured into Farenheit a go go to see how it was doing. Bear in mind that this gogo bar is located in prime position on the soi with literally thousands of people passing by every night. I went in at around the peak time (midnight) during the peak of the high season and I saw maybe 20 or so customers in there. For a place with a seating capacity of around a 100 or so, this must be a concern for the owners. Maybe it was weird timing, but I suspect things are not going well on the naught bar side of things… many of today’s Walking Street visitors don’t seem to be quite so interested in the naughty bar scene (except for gawping purposes).

If the gogo bars are a little quiet, the Ice Bar can only be described as desolate! I think I’ve only ever seen any customers in there on one occasion – and they didn’t stay for long. I think the whole concept of this bar may have been a bit of a mistake – many visitors to Pattaya are visiting precisely to get away from the cold and ice back in their own countries. Getting cold in Pattaya is probably not forefront in their minds.

One place that always seems to be pulling a good trade is the Diamond Arcade. The bars here are simple in design with an open air structure that allows patrons to sit down with a beer and watch the goings on around them. The neon seems to have stopped working on the signage, but I’m not sure that this is a recent thing; I seem to recall it has been that way for a long time.

The Shark Club is actually a gogo bar, and I also had a quick look inside there to see if was doing any better than Farenheit. Actually, I went there immediately after finishing my drink in Farenheit, still in prime time (about 12:30). The news is not good; Shark is a larger venue than Farenheit with seating for maybe 130 patrons. I again counted only around 20 other customers in the place! There was more of a fun atmosphere there, but trade was very disappointing. For information purposes, the cost of a Draft beer in both places was 80 baht, and the barfine is 600 baht. I’m not sure what money the girl would ask for in the morning, but I believe it would be at least 3,000 baht.

As with my recommendation on the main Pattaya Walking Street page, I’d stick to the gogo bars on Soi 15 (side street off Walking Street) if you are looking for a quality venue or better still, have a look at Soi LK Metro.


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