Pattaya Women and Dating

Pattaya Women and dating update: In part 1 of this report I looked at the toughest cultural differences that you will need to get a handle on if you are to enjoy any kind of lasting peace with your Thai lady friend - i.e. cultural differences relating to your wider family's financial expectations! You will have endless fun and laughter with this, believe me!

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In part 2, I also mentioned a few of the horror stories that I have heard regarding Westerners that have taken the plunge and got seriously involved with Pattaya girls.

It doesn't need to be a bad thing though and, as I've mentioned already, you can give your chances a boost if you try to increase your understanding of the cultural differences between your two countries by by brushing up on Thai dating customs.

A life of bar-work will take its toll on any Thai lady, any this is the main focus of the rest of the report.

Pattaya Women and a life of bar work

Now, on to the effects of a life working in the bars. Generally speaking, Pattaya ladies do not arrive here looking forward to a life of prostitution. Many are extremely naive, innocent, shy girls who are hoping to meet a kind hearted foreign man that will take care of them. In return they are often willing to put their hearts on the line and devote themselves to that man.

Just imagine how that girl might change her view of Westerners after a few years exposure to what goes on. Many have had their hearts broken by empty promises from some Westerners that just want to escape from their jobs for a few weeks in the sun.

There's nothing at all wrong with that and I think that there is another misunderstanding at play... an inexperienced Thai lady will not know when a typical Westerner is telling the truth or just teasing a little.

Most Westerners might expect a girl in Pattaya to know when her leg is being pulled, but it's easy for misunderstandings to creep in.

Once enough of these misunderstandings have taken their toll, the once innocent, naive girl, toughens up and starts to think a little differently towards her customers. It doesn't take long before someone looking for a genuine relationship turns into a hardened professional working-girl who is only interested in money. At that point, a genuine Westerner interested in Thai dating is going to be in for a tough time to say the least!

Pattaya Women and relationships, final thoughts

There's no denying that getting involved with someone from a very different culture is going to be an extra challenge, but the potential is still there. Life is a risk... getting involved with a lady from your own culture is not exactly a fool-proof ticket to happiness. Divorce rates in the Western world seem to go up every year, and the expense involved in a failed Western marriage (not just the wedding costs but also the ritual stripping of your assets after a divorce) makes the potential financial costs of a failure much higher in the West.

One good thing about relationships with Pattaya women is that you will be forced from an early stage to really put some effort into communicating with each other openly and honestly. If you work at that, and you believe that you have found someone who is genuine, all your dreams can come true. Just remember, nothing is guaranteed, and what you have read here are just my own thoughts and ramblings!

Don't forget that you are very much invited to send in your own stories, thoughts and advice about the suitability of Pattaya women for serious relationships, which I'll add to the Thai Girls Story section. Stories should be at least 1,000 words, and can be sent in via the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page.

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