Soi 7 Pattaya in 2015; Middle Section

Once you get about half way down Soi 7 Pattaya you come to the busiest bars. Prices here are usually quite cheap and there is almost always a good party atmosphere with people enjoying the nightlife. The first picture below is taken from my long standing favourite bar, the Dom Bar. It sits on the corner of soi 7 and an adjoining street to Pattaya Klang, opposite the Happiness agogo.

I’ve been a regular at this bar for about six years and most of the staff that work there today were working there six years ago. The Dom bar is not a good place to go if you are looking to meet up with a lady... the staff there are not the best looking! I like it as a place to go to play some pool (it has the best tables on Soi 7 Pattaya) and as a place to watch the antics going on in the bars opposite.

The picture gives an idea of what the bars are like early in the evening before things start going crazy later on in the night. The girls normally start work by about six o’clock and by seven o’clock the sun has set with the last of the daylight gone. Given where we are and that the bars never close if there is a paying customer on the premises, Soi 7 Pattaya doesn’t start to get busy until about ten o’clock. By that time the girls have usually had a few drinks and any innocent passer-by stands to get mauled by a mob of ladies in an attempt to lure him into the bar!

Soi 7 Pattaya Restaurants in 2015

The food on Soi 7 is much as it has always been. The best known restaurants are the O la la, the Pig and Whistle, and Rosies. For a long time my favourites was the Pig and Whistle... it has the feel of an authentic old British pub, which is good if you are a Brit and have been away from home for a while. I’ll guarantee that even if you are only on holiday in the land of smiles for a few weeks, you’ll soon start missing the food that you are used to. For us Brits, it is breakfast that we tend to miss the most, and the Pig and Whistle serves up a very good plate of English breakfast.

More recently I’ve changed allegiance to Rosies; I prefer the sausages in Rosies, but both restaurants are very good. Whilst I’m on the subject, I’d give the O la la restaurant a miss. It is the best looking of the restaurants, from the outside at least, but whenever I’ve eaten there I’ve left the place unimpressed. Another good thing about Rosies and the Pig & Whistle is that they are both located opposite one of my recommended hotels – Eastiny 7. If you don’t fancy the hotel breakfast you have the option of one of the best fry-up breakfasts in Pattaya right on your doorstep.

Soi 7 Pattaya ‘Happiness’ A Go Go

The gogo bar scene on Soi 7 in 2015 is also much the same as before in that it is not the best that Pattaya has to offer. The worst of the gogos in recent years i.e. the ‘Clinic’ has closed its doors and is no more. The Happiness agogo is relatively new only having opened about 18 months ago. However, I’m going to have to caution against using it as I had an unhappy experience there soon after it opened. To be fair I wasn’t at my most sober and my recollection of the night may be a little imperfect, but after ordering a single beer I got a bar-bill for over 1,000 baht!

I complained that I’d only had one drink and the mamassan got quite confrontational and insistent that I had ordered a round of drinks for the girls on stage. I’ll be a gentleman and stop short of writing my actual feelings on the matter... just be aware that this is a common scam employed by more than one gogo bar in Pattaya. If you are a little drunk and you are alone, don’t be surprised if your bar-bill comes back heavily padded. Happiness agogo did not make me even a little bit happy, and I’ve never been back since.

For those interested, no, I did not pay the padded bill and agreed a much lower bill (although still more than it should have been). If this happens to you it is best not to show anger... just smile politely but firmly that there has been a mistake and ask for a new bill. Do be careful though; if you are not 100% certain that you are in the right then it is best to play safe and pay what is asked. There was a recent case on the Pattaya news of a Westerner being escorted to an ATM machine to get more money to settle his bill... on the way he was beaten unconscious by some disgruntled Thai men! No doubt there is more to the story but you should be cautious in such situations. Soi 7 Pattaya is as safe a place as you'll find, but aggressive behaviour is not appreciated by Thais so try to behave yourself!


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