Soi 8 Pattaya in 2015

Whilst Soi 8 Pattaya in 2015 is not the hive of activity that it once was, it still has a number of venues that are well worthy a look and that add something extra to the fun next door on Soi 7. Back in 2010 a number of the beer bars were demolished to make way for a new hotel and the footfall on Soi 8 has been lower ever since. The best of the action these days is located near to the beach.

First up is the Sailor bar; this is a good place to start the night off but I actually prefer it in the afternoon. As you can see from the picture it is a bar/restaurant and whilst I have not eaten much of the menu, I can recommend the Goulash soup there. It is very cheap and if you just want to eat something light that won’t fill your stomach and stop your drinking spree, then this is a good option to go with. I can’t remember the price but it is ridiculously cheap – something like 60 baht. The restaurant end seems quite popular, which is a good indicator that the rest of the menu is also edible.

You won’t want to settle down in this bar all night though, it is a nice quiet place to start the night but it lacks the party atmosphere that you’ll no doubt be looking for once you have livened up with a few beers. Also, there are no girls to be found here….

Soi 8 Pattaya Silver Start A Go Go

A short stroll up Soi 8 Pattaya from the Sailor bar is the only gogo bar that’s worth a visit. The Silver Star a go go on Soi 8 (not to be confused with the Silver Star 2 on Soi 7) is a very popular place. I ventured in for a look around one night at about 10pm and there was barely an empty seat in the place! I’d guess that the seating capacity is something like 70 to 80 customers. As with Soi 7, the make up of customers was almost completely Western middle-aged men.

The cost of a draught beer is 75 baht (entrance to all Pattaya gogo bars is free) and I was not hassled once to buy a lady drink for one of the girls. If you were to take a liking to one of the girls, the barfine would cost you 700 baht but I wouldn’t worry about that as you’ll be unlikely to find a good-looking lady here! The girls are good fun and seemed to be enjoying themselves, but my advice is to look elsewhere if you want to find sexy girls (LK Metro being my top tip).

Rolling Live 3 and Best Bar Pattaya

The next venue is a real gem if you want to catch a live music act; the Rolling Live 3 bar is a new bar and it gets very busy. I like a bar to be busy as it creates a fun atmosphere and this one doesn’t disappoint. There is live music here every day, and it is usually quite good. A selection of beers costs 70 baht per bottle during the ‘happy hours’ from 6pm to 10pm.

I’m pleased with the success of this bar as I think that Soi 8 really needs it. There is a kind of critical mass of venues that any nightspot needs to ensure lasting success, and with the other venues nearby I think that for the time being, Soi 8 Pattaya look set to remain a popular option (at least at the Beach Road end).

The other bar on Soi 8 that makes it worth visiting is the ‘Best Bar’. This bar has been around for quite a while now and has always been a sort of focal point on the soi. I can’t recall the beer prices here but they are a little more expensive… I think 80-100 baht per bottle. I think the reason for the extra cost is the girls that dance on the bar. Wherever you see girls dancing on a bar/stage, you can bet that the cost of a drink will be more expensive. However, for the extra cost you do get a busy bar with lots of character as well as several good perches from which to sit and watch the fun.

As with Soi 7, for the time being I still like Soi 8 Pattaya and I give it my nod of approval. Soi 7 is the better of the two, but if you start your night at the Second Road end of Soi 7 and work your way down towards the beach, it is only a few extra yards to get to the best action on Soi 8. All in all, it’s a must see if you are coming to Pattaya.


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