Soi LK Metro Gogo Bars; 2015

On my previous Soi LK Metro 2015 report I mentioned that my two favourite gogo bars were ‘Champagne’ and ‘The Office’; these are both very good but they are not they only good gogo bars on this soi. Good nightlife entertainment means lots of different venues to choose from and whilst the two gogos mentioned are my current favourites, you might prefer one of the other options.

Things are also changing all the time, so a bar that is not so hot today might raise its game tomorrow and become the new champion of Soi LK Metro. In short, it pays to indulge yourself and visit them all!

Showgirls a go go

Showgirls a go go (see picture above) is one of the busiest bars on the soi partly because of its excellent central location. I stopped by for a visit one night at around 10:30pm and the place was almost full to capacity. I estimate that there is a seating capacity of around 130 or so, which makes it one of the largest gogo bars on offer, and I'd say it was already about 90% full. The style of this venue is more ‘theatre’ style where there is a main stage along one side of the bar rather than the more usual central stage with seating all the way around. There were more girls on stage than you usually find with around 12 dancing at any one time. A glass of draft beer can be had for 75 baht, and mine came without any hassle to buy anyone a lady-drink. As with other venues on the soi, the barfine was 800 baht after 10pm (more before, but I’m not sure how much more).

Chrystal Club Pattaya

The Chrystal Club is another large Soi LK Metro gogo bar, with similar seating capacity to Showgirls; about 130 or so. At 11pm it was only about half full. The cost of a glass of draft beer was a little lower at only 69 baht, but overall the quality was not as good as you get in Showgirls. For one thing there were only half as many girls dancing on stage, about 6 at any one time. The barfine was 800 baht before 10pm, but the attractiveness of the girls was also a little lower than in Showgirls a go go. The layout of this bar is the more typical central stage set up.

At the time I visited there was a good-looking young fellow in there that was getting a lot of attention from the girls. Unfortunately he squandered it by hooking up with one of the roughest girls in the place… they say youth is wasted on the young!

Amethyst a go go

The Amethyst bar was the most disappointing of the gogo bars I visited on Soi LK Metro. I visited at 10pm, so it was a little early but there should have been more customers than there were. With an estimated seating capacity of about 100, I’d say it was only about 30% full. The drink prices were more expensive too; I paid 90 baht for my draft beer and then I was hassled to buy a lady drink. You tend to get more hassle and higher prices in those bars that are less busy, the idea seems to be to go for the quick money rather than try to build a loyal following with repeat customers. The barfine was 800 baht after 10pm but a massive 1,500 baht before. Amethyst a go go has a central layout and there were some attractive girls there, but no better than in Showgirls.

Lady Love a go go

Now for the best option out of the four gogo bars discussed here; the Lady Love a go go was a lot of fun. Seating capacity was about 120 or so but it was only about half full. This didn’t seem to matter as there was a lively, happy atmosphere in there by 11pm when I stopped by. Drink prices were only 65 baht, and the standard barfine was slightly lower at 700 baht before 10pm, but a hefty 1,500 baht after that time. There were 7 girls on a central stage layout and they were as good-looking as anywhere on the soi. If you only go to one of these gogo bars, I’d suggest you try this one.

Other Soi LK Metro gogo bars

There are lots of other options to explore here and that variety is part of the fun; even after an 8-week visit I didn’t get around to visiting them all because I had to review other nightspots too. Of the bars that I didn’t get to review this time around, Sugar Sugar is highly regarded by many Pattaya visitors. I’ve heard less said about the Queen Club, Kiss a go go, Oscars, Destiny or Paradise a go go, so I can’t comment on them at this time.


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