Soi Six Pattaya in 2015

In years gone by, a walk down Soi six would always raise my pulse rate by a few dozen beats per minute; it is a place where a man on a mission can find ample opportunities to accomplish a satisfactory end to that mission in record breaking time. I stopped by to have a look around one afternoon to see if anything much had changed.

The first thing I noticed since my previous visit was that this soi has become less and less a nightspot and more of an afternoon destination. Happily, it has not become a place to stop by for a cup of tea with the vicar – it has retained its raison d’être quite nicely. I’d say that the best time to visit is something like 2pm until 4pm; at that time the bars on Soi Six are packed solid with girls, whilst their customers are still loading up on the necessary alcohol needed to provide enough courage to venture in. The pictures in this report were taken at about 6:30pm; it was noticeably quieter outside than the peak hours I mentioned, but I suspect that things were a bit ‘busier’ indoors! By midnight, there or thereabouts, the Soi is closed. You read that right, darkness and shutters down, it was an unexpected development.

As a side note, I should point out that there have been some reports of police activity aimed at putting a stop to any romantic liaisons within the premises of the bars themselves. Apparently such things are not supposed to happen but have long been over-looked. If this becomes a serious and permanent crack-down by the authorities then the future existence of Soi Six as it stands today may be called into question. This is worth bearing in mind; if the police were to catch you upstairs in one of these bars then you’ll certainly be fined, and who knows what else.

Soi Six Corner Bar

The Corner Bar is one of the best known bars and it is a usual starting point before heading down the soi for some entertainment. Most people arrive at this destination via one of the baht buses that travel up from more southerly areas and, due to the one-way system, that means starting your visit at the 2nd Road entrance, the Corner Bar sits on the corner of 2nd Road and Soi Six hence the name and its popularity. It’s actually a good bar and as I write this report my picture is already out-of-date as, according to their facebook page, the bar is currently being refurbished. It is due to hold its opening party on the 17th March.

Customers and Girls

I didn’t notice too many ‘gawpers’ on my visit to the area and most of the other visitors seemed like serious customers. I can’t rely on this being the case though, I have previously seen a group of Asian (I think Japanese or Korean) tourists all with cameras in hand and firing off pictures of the girls and the men that approach them. Honestly, the nerve of these people… okay, I suppose I’m also guilty as charged on that score, but only so that I can update you!

The girls and the customer in the vest are typical of the sort of thing that you see up and down Soi Six. I suspect that the price of entertainment here has risen, sorry I didn’t get to confirm this, but I think that the price of a short-time liaison is now 1,000 baht (up from 700 the year before), with another 300 baht for the room-charge.

The standard of the girls that you will find in the bars, in terms of physical beauty, has always varied widely and that is still the case. You can find some very attractive girls here but you’ll need to have a good look for them first… and it helps if you arrive early. The best looking girls can get a lot of customers during the course of a day and they spend more and more time occupied as the afternoon wears on. The three girls in the picture above might not be the best looking girls around, but they had a ready smile that you don’t always see.


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