South Pattaya Beach

There is no denying that South Pattaya Beach has got a bad reputation in some people's minds; traditional beach lovers searching for rest and relaxation with a little sunbathing and swimming are best advised to look elsewhere for nearby Pattaya beaches.

There are plenty of hotels nearby, my favourite hotel here is the Siam Bayshore. It is a little expensive but it is classy

South Pattaya beach has to take a good deal of the blame for all the negative talk; it is not a good place to go for rest and relaxation. It is the dirtiest part of the beach, it has a narrow beach with mostly damp sand and there is some pollution from nearby restaurants that overlook the sea. However, some people love this part of the beach, that's because it has one saving grace - entertainment!

South Pattaya Beach; how it measures up

Sand Quality. In two words... not good! This is the narrowest part of the beach and when the tide is high there isn't much of it that stays above water. This leaves the sand damp and uncomfortable to sit on.

Cleanliness. The high tide also means that some of the discarded rubbish from the nearby restaurants gets washed up onto the beach. It is the dirtiest beach I've come across in Pattaya.... the beach girls leave all sorts of waste here too! I've seen bottles strewn here and there, used condoms, food scraps and all manner of waste.

Hassle factor. The hassle factor is not quite as bad as it is on the central part of the beach, but it is still an almost constant frustration.

Entertainment. In a word... excellent! This is what south Pattaya beach is all about. It appeals to nightlife lovers because of the occasional concerts held here and because of its proximity to the main nightspot - Walking Street Pattaya. It is also popular with beach sports lovers with all the usual options e.g. water skis, jet-skis, para-sailing, banana boat and so on.

Beauty and Scenic aspect. There's no such thing as an ugly beach and south Pattaya enjoys the same sunset that the other parts enjoy. It isn't as good though, the natural curve of the bay means that the beach looks out slightly to the north whereas the sun goes down slightly to the south. This part of the beach just isn't as scenic as the northern part.

Ease of Access. No problems here, all parts of the main beach are easily accessible and are within walking distance of most hotels.

Privacy and Seclusion. Forget it.... night or day you just won't be getting any privacy or seclusion. If you do find somewhere private, perhaps in the early hours, you might stumble across a beach girl and customer!

Safety. Don't worry about being mugged, there are usually policemen in or around the area, and there are always lots of other people around. You might need to keep an eye on your possessions though, there have been bag snatchers and the like here in the past. Possible broken glass and other potentially dangerous waste is a worry if you are thinking of bringing the kids here, but I don't think you will want to bring the kids here anyway.... this just isn't that kind of beach.

Other thoughts

The surrounding area around South Pattaya beach has got many bars and restaurants to choose from. With Walking Street just a short stroll away, the nearby entertainment is second to none.

The occasional concerts located on Pattaya beach here are always popular and good fun, and if you are hoping to meet a Pattaya beach girl, this is the place to go.

My advice is to avoid south Pattaya beach if you want quiet uninterrupted rest. It is not a good choice for sunbathing. Naklua beach, Wong Amat beach, or the offshore island beaches are all much better options for this sort of thing.

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