Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya Review
(now called Eastin Hotel)

Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya overview: This hotel is my top recommendation if you want to stay near to the nightlife around Sois 7 and 8 and you want to stay somewhere with a little extra luxury. It is a high rise hotel and the best rooms come with good views across Pattaya.

As soon as you step into the hotel you can feel the extra quality offered. The lobby area is well fitted and decorated, the staff were well presented and very courteous, and the atmosphere just feels a bit higher class.

Being located on Soi 8, I think that it is most suitable for the nightlife orientated groups, which means singles and couples rather than families. The central location, about 250 metres from the beach, means that everything is within easy reach. To check the current lowest prices for this hotel, and to see all the features as well as reviews from previous guests, click: Sunbeam Hotel.

Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya; the good points

One good point is the snob factor! The Sunbeam has a more imposing presence in the area and is well known to be of a superior standard compared to the other hotels. When you walk into a bar, one of the first things you will be asked by the girls working there will be about where you are staying (usually this is the fourth question after 'what is your name?', 'where are you from?' and 'how long are you here for?'). When you reply that you are staying at the Sunbeam hotel Pattaya, you will immediately be seen as a good catch and will receive plenty of attention because of it!

The standard of the rooms is better than you get elsewhere in this Soi. The decorating, fixtures and finish are all classy and I think you will be perfectly comfortable staying here. The room I saw was a twin room but, obviously, double rooms are available with king size beds. Everything is clean and tidy and there is a balcony with every room.

Generally speaking I was pleased with the swimming pool area, but it could have been better. It is a stylish pool with a bar joined onto it so that you can order your drinks whilst you sit in the water. Although the pool is a bit on the small side, it was not overused at the time I saw it and there were plenty of surrounding sun-loungers to choose from. If there was one downside to the pool area it was that it was surrounded on all sides by buildings, this gave it a bit of a 'closed in' feel. Then again, some people will like this aspect and think that it gives a 'cosy' sort of feel.

The facilities offered at the Sunbeam are better than what you get in the other nearby hotels. You get a fitness centre as well as a sauna located around the swimming pool area. The fitness centre would not be much use to a hardcore bodybuilder as the range of machinery and free weights is not sufficient, but it is sufficient for a quick workout and some aerobic work if you just want to burn a few calories and get your muscles firmed up.

All in all, this is one of the good hotels in Pattaya.

Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya; the bad points

The price that I was quoted when I walked into the hotel (mid 2012) was a bit too much for my liking. At 3,000 baht for a single night I don't think that the price justified the extra facilities and comfort (bearing in mind that Eastiny Seven is just a few yards away with rooms from about 1,000 baht per night). However, I was offered a rate of 2,200 baht per night if I was staying for a week or more, and I think this is much more reasonable. Happily, if you book online via this link: Sunbeam Hotel, you should be able to get an even more reasonable price than that!

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