Sunee Plaza and nearby Gay Areas

Sunee Plaza, along with Boyz Town, is a big gay area in Pattaya that is home to lots of bars and agogos as well as massage parlours and a few hotels. It is a little harder to find than Boyz Town but it is not that far away from Walking Street and if you have a look at the map below you should be able to find it easily enough. It is located a short walk down Soi VC, and you’ll easily find that by looking for the VC Hotel. If you want to stay at a hotel on/near the Plaza, these two are worth considering:

Don Plaza, Sunee Plaza - great value (sometimes offers 50% off deals)
Marina Inn, Soi Yensabai - very cheap but good

Sunee Plaza and Surrounding Area

Compared to Boyz Town I think the Plaza is the cheap option. That’s not to say that Boy Town is expensive, it isn’t, but this place is definitely a bit less modern and it doesn’t occupy any prime real estate near to the beach.

The two hotels that I’ve mentioned above are quite a bit cheaper than anything you’ll find near to the beach, and although I didn’t stop for a beer at any of the bars on the Plaza, I’ll bet that they are cheaper too.

In a way, I think the Plaza and the surrounding area is a bit like Soi Buakhao in that all the same things that you find in expensive areas are there, they are just a bit cheaper.

The Plaza area is not small, there are lots of venues to choose from and it certainly adds an extra dimension to the gay scene. If you are looking for a cheap option, or you just want to head off somewhere different and away from the tourists, this place could be a good option for you.

Soi VC has got lots of bars located on it as you get near to the Plaza, and if you keep on walking to the end of Soi VC, turn left and then right at the main road, you’ll come to Soi Night and Day. This is another gay area and is only a few minutes walk away from the Plaza. Soi Night and Day is more of a bars/restaurants sort of place rather than a bars/agogos sort of place and so it offers yet another dimension. Taken as a whole, the area is full of new places to see and explore and it really ought to be on your radar if you looking for a gay focused area.

As an afterthought, don’t go thinking that the gay scene is restricted to here or Boyz Town, it isn’t. Pattaya has a mix of establishments all over the city, but if you are looking for somewhere that’s more or less exclusively gay (along with some ladyboys), Sunee Plaza or Boyz Town are your two main options.

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