Thai Dating Site; Online Dangers

If you are considering using a Thai dating site to meet Thai women, you should end up pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get to know a range of ladies. You'll find that, compared to Western dating sites, that it is easy to arrange to meet up with a Thai lady for a date. Some visitors to Thailand come here to meet the ladies that they have gotten to know online. Other people, expats or long term visitors, use the dating sites in a more casual sort of way and might not even be looking for a girlfriend. Some just want to meet up with someone for a good night out (or a good night in!).

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However you will be using your preferred Thai dating site, there are a number of things that you should be aware of because as with all good things, there are some risks involved. Thai culture is very different to Western culture and you might get taken advantage of! The best way to safeguard against that is to brush up on your understanding of Thai dating customs because there are some stark differences that will lead to confusion and misunderstandings. I'd actually rate cultural misunderstandings as the chief culprit in relationship breakups.

Thai Dating Site; things to be aware of

If you are looking for a serious relationship, the first thing you should know is that the girl of interest to you will likely have a number of other online admirers. She may even be in some sort of a relationship with someone that she has met online previously. There are a number of girls online that are looking for rich benefactors from the west - be aware that your lady might be more interested in your money than in you. Getting numerous western boyfriends, each sending money to her from time to time, can be a lucrative business.

pattaya datingThai dating sites can be used to find casual fun or something serious

You should also be aware that the pictures you see online are sometimes a bit flattering. They may be a number of years out of date and when you set eyes on your girl in person, she might be a little older, heavier etc.... Using flattering photos is more often a tactic employed by the naughty girls.

Be aware that whatever messages you have written to your Thai dating site friend will most likely get seen by other friends or family members. If your girl's heart is true, she might well struggle a bit with her command of English. This is not always the case, but it is not uncommon. If her English is not good enough, she will have someone translating for her. The translator might even be the person that is thinking what to say, rather than just translating your girl's words.

Some online girls aren't looking for anything serious. There is a growing body of Thai ladies that are just be looking for some casual fun, but I think that this is still a minority group.

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Don't meet up with her far away from your holiday destination. If you go to her hometown, you'll be wrong-footed and might end up feeling obligated to buy her something expensive such as a gold necklace. This is not necessarily a set up, the buying of expensive gifts (especially gold) for a girlfriend is normal, but not for a girl you just met on a Thai dating site. If you don't buy her anything, you might be thought of as lacking generosity (nam-jai) and that's looked down on a lot. A first date though, is not a time to be buying any expensive gifts.

If she wants you to go and see her in her home-town, that's a very bad sign anyway. As soon as the Thai neighbours see you and your Western face they might assume that your girl is a working girl. If she doesn't mind risking that people will think that, it could well be because they already know it to be true!!!

Thai Dating Site; during and after your date

Look out for mind games i.e. comments such as "I want to choose you for my boyfriend, but this other guy has sent money to me. I need to choose him because I need to take of my family..." There might not even be another guy (at least not one that has sent money) so be wary. Even if there is some other man, don't get into a bidding war with him because there's only ever going to be one winner, and it isn't you or him!

You could test her by telling her that you are married already..... if she still wants to meet up, she's less likely to be looking for love and more likely to be looking for money (or casual fun). If she doesn't want to see you anymore, tell her she misunderstood, tell her that you are married but separated for a long time - it's a lie but it's a white lie. She will likely forgive you and accept it as a misunderstanding if you handle it carefully.

If you do decide to try something like this, try to come up with something original because as soon as people start using this one, the less scrupulous online ladies will become aware of it and set you up!

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