Thai Dating Strategy

Using internet based Thai dating services to make first contact with eligible Thai women is a viable option... in fact it is most likely your only viable option if you are not currently in Thailand (assuming that there is no local Thai community in your home town), so don't miss out on the opportunities that they present.

Online Thai dating

You'll find that there is a wide range of girls online, and mixed in amongst them are some really beautiful ladies who, contrary to popular opinion, aren't out to ruin you!

There are good sites and bad out there, and some are not much more than outright rip-off sites, but you can safely use my:

Recommended Dating Site

It's a quality site that's tried and tested - and extremely cheap. There are plenty of good alternatives but whatever you do, avoid those dodgy sites that charge by the hour or per message, you'll end up paying a fortune if you get involved with that nonsense...

If you are intending to use a Thai dating site to find a long-term girlfriend or a wife, then do be aware that there are risks with regard to the ladies that you'll meet - they aren't all good girls from the right side of the track! Don’t underestimate that risk, there are plenty of gold-diggers out there just waiting for a decent man to come along who can be exploited for all that he is worth.

The good news is that you can protect yourself by understanding how Thai ladies think and feel about things. My advice here will really help you to avoid the gold-diggers and find an honest, lovely Thai lady.

The ladies on the Thai dating sites are undoubtedly a lot more wholesome than the girls that you will meet in the tourist area bars. What's more, there's no bar-fine to pay, and no tip for the lady in the morning! Both parties are interested in the same thing... but you do still need to pick up the food & drink tab :)

Thai Dating Online; its unique selling point

There simply is no better way to build up knowledge and experience of Thai women than by chatting with them online. If you have read my dating-related pages (see links at the bottom of the page) you will understand a little about ‘danger-signs’ i.e. which dubious hallmarks to look out for in a Thai lady with regard to her intentions toward you. You can use the internet to try and figure out what kind of conversations you can get away with, what sort of things make Thai girls laugh, what subjects to avoid and so on, and you can set up a lot of promising encounters for when you arrive in Thailand.

Thai dating onlineThe most beautiful girls in Pattaya are usually found online...

You will certainly find plenty of ladies online that show none of the danger signs whatsoever, in this case you can happily set up some dates before you even get to Thailand. You will even have built up an understanding of each other that will make conversation that bit easier when you meet in person.

I stand by my thoughts on other pages though... as far as long-term relationships or marriage is concerned, you should be a little cautious about the ladies you meet in Pattaya, whether or not you found them online, in a restaurant, a shop, a library or anyplace else.

Don't let yourself be discouraged by the unscrupulous ladies though; YOU CAN have lots of fun with the online girls, and YOU CAN meet good girls if you know what to look for!

Of course, you might well decide that you prefer the casual no-strings attached variety of dating that Pattaya has to offer, and in that case I especially recommend finding girls online. You have absolutely nothing to fear from any of the gold-diggers if you are not going to getting into anything long-term and, even better than that, most of the best looking girls can only be found online these days!

The reason for the ongoing migration of girls away from the bars and clubs and onto Thai dating sites is due to the fact that Thai girls are usually very concerned that, if they work in a bar, they’ll be spotted by someone from their home village. If that happened then word of her employment would certainly get back home, and a great deal of shame would be heaped upon her. Outside of the tourist areas, Thailand is a deeply traditional and conservative country, and being marked out as a bar-girl i.e. prostitute would cause all sorts of problems.

There are tens of thousands of Thai girls searching for romantic adventures with western men online. You can easily find good-looking girls for casual sex and fun times, or someone suitable for something more serious on my:

Recommended Dating Sites

Of course, these days the risk of being photographed or caught on video is much higher than it was a few years ago and, with sites like Facebook being so popular in Thailand, images and videos spread like wildfire. Gossip travels in Thailand at a pace that would shame a western old ladies knitting circle!

The flip side is that, whilst technology has made the dangers of being found out so much more likely, it has also presented the girls with the option of plying their trade in a much more discreet manner via the Thai dating sites – and that’s why you can have so much fun with these sites these days…

My recommended Thai dating site is best because:

  • It is BY FAR the best at keeping the girls and the ladyboys separated!
  • It has a good user interface that works on mobile & desktop platforms.
  • It has a proven track record and is ultra-reliable.
  • It has a very high ratio of ladies to men.

Communication Skills

You might not find the perfect Thai woman online right away, but with a good Thai dating site you will certainly find plenty of women right now. Whatever happens, the online scene offers a great opportunity to practise your communication skills and get a feel for what sort of things work e.g. romance, humour, straight talk etc.

One thing you must use online is an instant-messaging facility. Don't bother with the messaging services that resemble an email service. You need to be able to type something, send it, get a reply straight away and send a response etc. That's conversation - if you only send each other messages every day or two you won't do a thing to improve your conversation skills, so make sure you use the instant messaging facilities that any decent Thai dating site comes with.

Remember that you need to try and improve your ability to spot the nonsense that a lot of the gold-digging ladies will come out with. If you only communicate via letter once a day or once an hour, you will give the unscrupulous girls all the time in the world to figure out the best lies and how to avoid slipping up. With instant messaging you will have a much better chance of figuring out what's real and what's not.

Thai lady

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This lovely petite young lady, 28 years old and only 47kg, is looking for a western man to be her boyfriend. If you would like to meet up with girls just as lovely, then join:

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