Thai Girlfriends; Trust Issues


Thai Girlfriends intro: Altogether I’ve had just over 6 years experience of Thailand and all its temptations regarding female companionship; not all in one visit, but from accumulated visits down the years since my first arrival back in 89.

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I’ve dabbled in relationships with a range of girls from different areas of Thailand and from different backgrounds. My honest opinion is that they can’t be trusted; lying is a way of life in Thailand. I know right off the bat that some people are going to read this and immediately jump to the defence of Thai girls but you needn’t bother; I don’t mean it in a nasty way, I just mean you can’t trust them.

With that in mind, I guess the first piece of advice that I would offer anyone contemplating Thai girlfriends is DON’T GET ONE! Since you’ll no doubt ignore that, I’ll get straight onto my advice about the dating situation in general and about what you can do to at least improve your success chances a little.

A bar in Soi New PlazaThe 'Puy' (pronounded poo-ie) bar on Soi New Plaza, Pattaya

Thai Girlfriends; priorities

With real Thai girlfriends, rather than temporary acquaintances, you will always need to be wary of what is going on. Thai girls always put their family's first and their situation is often so impoverished that your girl’s priorities are always, first and foremost, about securing her family’s future. On the other hand, the girls from wealthier families tend to be very tightly controlled by their families, so you’re still way down the pecking order on her list of priorities. Since Western men usually get involved with Thai girlfriends from poverty stricken backgrounds, I’ll say no more about the girls from richer families.

If a Thai girl comes from a poor background and is in a desperate enough financial situation that she resorts to crossing the line and becoming a working-girl, she will have done so knowing full well that she has just given up any chance of becoming a respected member of Thai society, and her actions from then on will certainly become 100% about the money (assuming that they weren’t already).

This is important and you need to really think about it. You might be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you as your girl is not a working girl; think again! It does apply because a girl from a poor background that has a farang boyfriend will immediately be assumed to be a working-girl irrespective of whether or not she is, so the damage to her reputation is done regardless.

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Your immediate response to the statement about her actions being solely about the money might be to just waive it off and tell yourself that your Thailand girlfriend no longer has any money problems because you have taken up the financial support reigns. Your girl on the other hand will always be conscious of the possibility that you might take off with another girl. Where would that leave her? She doesn’t have a chance of taking up with a wealthy Thai man once it’s known that she has been a part of the working-girl fraternity. She knows full well that foreign men are her only hope.

Again, and just to reiterate, I’m not saying any of this in a nasty way, I’m just being realistic. The financial problems that exist in the poorest areas of Thailand are extreme. Thailand is not a poor country, but there are still lots of people living there that are desperately poor. If you can’t work, you rely on family members that can work. If you get sick, your hospital and/or medication bills will be expensive. If you can’t pay, you won’t recover and you might die. Dirty water, unsanitary conditions, exposure to filth, and all sorts of other stuff you associate with the poorest countries in the world are a reality for some people in some areas of Thailand. Some people survive on less than 50 baht per day. In those conditions, you can’t expect complete honesty from the girls that are looking for a sugar daddy to take care of her and her family. She’ll tell you she loves you even if you are about as attractive to her as pile of buffalo s**t.

Unfortunately for you, regardless of anything you tell her, your Thailand girlfriend will always be concerned that at some point your loyalty will go astray. That’s especially true if you met her in a bar as she’ll know that you are the kind of man that visits working-girls! From here on in I’ll write as though you met her in a bar (that’s usually the case anyways, but the same principles apply regardless of where you met her).

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She will be even more concerned, even if she trusts in you now, that once her physical charms have faded over time you will more easily be drawn to other younger girls. Any man that meets girls in bars, and then actually gets romantically attached to one is not considered to be a respectable long-term safe bet…. and if you met her in a bar why can’t you meet someone else in a bar? How will she deal with this difficult quandary?

In part 2 the story concludes with a look at what to expect from Thai girlfriends that have any sort of financial concerns for their family’s future.

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