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Thai girls have got a bad reputation when it comes to their romantic liaisons with us western men. I don’t think that I’m going to make too many front-page ‘breaking news’ columns by pointing out that there are a lot of failed romances between Thai ladies and foreigners, but a lot of the hype is untrue.

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There is not nearly enough publicity into the detail of how these relationships start, how they develop, or how they unravel.

Similarly, the dating success stories out there get very little publicity, and more than a few people behave as though there is no such thing as an honest, decent Thai girl who is worthy of your trust.

This is nonsense of course; the main problem with dating Thais is not that they are all no good, it’s that they all come from a very different culture that is not easy to understand or acclimate to.

My recommended dating site in particular is an excellent resource to start searching for Thai girls from the right side of the track, but I’ve also mentioned before that there are dangers there too; there are plenty of gold-diggers looking for their next victim online and you should take your time before identifying your next sweetheart.

Regardless of the possible pitfalls, online dating is a good way to at least get some experience under your belt. You’ll have no trouble getting Thai girls to go out on a date with you if you sign-up and take your time - many success stories started this way.

Stories about Thai Girls & Western Men

I’m going to publish lots of true stories - stories that are not written by me but by the western guys who have had romantic relationships with Thai girls. If you want to get an idea of what dating in Thailand is all about then there is no better way than to hear it straight from the words of those that have done that and got the T-shirt.

Pattaya beer barThe bars in Pattaya are great for meeting girls - but not future wives!

In these stories you’ll find the full range of tales, both successes and failures, with all sorts of different ladies. Many of them will be based on experiences with exactly the wrong sort of women, because so many relationships get started this way...

A word of warning - the ladies that you can read about in my Pattaya Girls section are a LOT of fun but they are NOT suitable for long-term relationships. Compared to the Thai girls that you will read about here, some might be suitable for your trust but others will not, depending on the particular circumstances.

Unfortunately, many men still fall into the bar-girl trap of donating their entire life-savings to a girl half their age, and then starting a new life as a reclusive debt-ridden shadow of their former selves! I'd avoid this if I were you as it's not much fun.

The best route to success with Thai women is by meeting them in the way that you would meet any other girl e.g. friends of friends, or via the workplace. Sadly, that isn’t going to be an option for you if you don't live in Thailand, but the online sites are a useful backup option for guys outside of Thailand.

There are tens of thousands of Thai girls searching for romantic adventures with western men online. You can easily find good-looking girls for casual sex and fun times, or someone suitable for something more serious on my:

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Comparing Local Girls in Thailand

As a general rule of thumb, it's a lot safer to go looking for romance away from the main tourist areas as the girls there are much less likely to be working as prostitutes! With that said, there are also differences within those areas:

  • Bangkok Girls - As you'd expect, there's a very mixed spread of girls here. There are a lot of tricksters, especially in the naughty areas of the city, but there are also a lot of regular well-educated girls looking for love. The culture gap is slightly lower here, and overall I recommend Bangkok girls to long-term relationship seekers.
  • Pattaya Girls - On no account whatsoever should you consider looking for anything serious in Pattaya. However, this place is the number one destination in the world for thrill seeking horn-bags! Short-term casual sex is the order of the day here, but you'll be severely tempted to get too attached!
  • Phuket Girls - The ideal location for westerners with a little extra cash in their pockets. Phuket, and south Thailand generally, has the most beautiful scenery and it attracts the relatively wealthier westerners. I recommend this place primarily for short-term fun times, but there are some regular girls in Phuket town.
  • Chiang Mai Girls - If the idea of a more comfortable climate and ultra-low costs of living appeal to you, you'll also be happy to read that the Thai girls here are very sweet. Lots of western 'digital nomads' have chosen Chiang Mai as a place to live, and there aren't many that lack romantic partners.
  • Koh Samui Girls - Whilst there are some lovely ladies here who were born on the island, there are some simmering tensions here with the locals that should be a concern for anyone planning anything long-term. Most of the girls you'll meet were not born on the island and have arrived for work - usually in naughty bars! 
Thai girls with western menSome guys enjoying the morning after...

Comparing Thai Girls to Western Girls

Okay, this is the part where you might expect me to start ripping into western ladies... but I'll only go so far as to criticize a minority of them - albeit a significant minority.

I'm referring to the latest batch of entitled little princesses who think that their nether regions are sacrosanct, and that any man whom they grace with access to it should immediately mimic some sort of emotional support dog for all of their bullshit!

Having 'issues' seems to have become quite fashionable amongst some ladies, and I don't believe that modern feminism is helping them at all. Hating men seems to be at the core of that dogmatic garbage, and what sort of man would want to be in a relationship with a woman who subscribes to it? The answer is beta-males and guys who don't realise that there are better options.

Let me reiterate, I'm only referring to a minority of western girls here, most of them are lovely people. Unfortunately though, by a certain age the sane ones have usually been snapped up and are happily married. A large proportion of the ladies that remain come with serious baggage, and unrealistic ideas about their future partners.

The reality is that Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are not going to be punching themselves out to be with these ladies anytime soon - no matter what Bridget Jones' Diary would have them believe. If you lack the sex appeal of these Hollywood superstars  (not to mention the financial resources) you might easily be deemed unworthy.

Thai girls are the perfect antidote to these western feminist nut-jobs. If you take your time and choose wisely, you'll not only find countless ladies in Thailand who will happily satisfy all of your lustful desires, you'll also find some ultra-sweet and feminine ladies who will appreciate you for what you are.

Soi LK Metro, Pattaya.On Soi LK Metro in Pattaya, there are many ladies who will satiate your lustful desires...

Comparing Thai Bar Girls

For the uninitiated, you could be forgiven for thinking that Thai bar girls all have the same agenda and the same modus operandi. They do almost invariably have the same end goal i.e. making money, but they differ by a wide margin in terms of how they go about acquiring that money.

  • Beer Bar Girls - The beer bar girls are a lot of fun and they are most likely to want to become your holiday girlfriend. They'll be really good company for a week or two and will move heaven and earth to make you fall in love. They are fun, but they are also the most deceptive, and most Thai girl dating horror stories relate to them.
  • A Go Go Girls - Typically these are the best looking girls and they know it. They use their charms to attract a large number of customers on a short-term quick turnover basis. You won't find many that are enthusiastic about leaving their bars early in the evening to spend all night with one guy, and only one payment!
  • Disco Freelancers - These tend to be a mixture of girls from the other bars that go to the nightclubs after their bars close for the night, and other ladies that only work occasionally. There are a significant number of university students amongst their number, and they tend to only work weekends for an income top-up.

All the usual caveats apply to these generalizations, not everyone is the same and so on, but keep in mind that money and the accumulation of it is nearly always what makes Thai bar girls tick. With that in mind, it's not hard to see why the generalizations above are a useful guideline on what to expect for the time being at least.

Things are changing though, and what was once a fairly unregulated industry is changing rapidly. The Thai authorities are cracking down a lot of the pay for play industry where once it was more or less ignored. Only time will tell what the future holds.

On a similar note, be careful what you film in Thailand. We've all got cameras on our phones these days and filming harmless simulated acts of pleasure in a way that no one would bat an eyelid at in the west can land you in hot water in Thailand if it gets online. Needless to say, posting film online of the real thing would be far worse!

Pattaya at nightPattaya does have some romantic settings...

Regular Thai Girls & Misunderstandings

There is a lot more cultural variety within Thailand than in most western countries. It’s not just that there is a very significant class structure that separates rich from poor, there are also big differences in the way of life between, for example, rural girls and city girls. Depending on your own preferences you’ll want to learn as much as you can about these things as possible and for that I'd advise you to have a read of my Thai Dating Section.

At some point in your journey towards romance with a Thai girl, you are going to need to pick up a solid grasp of the culture and what will be expected from you were you to go the whole nine yards and get married.

If you don’t get a good idea of what married life entails, you’ll constantly be jumping to the wrong conclusions and falling out with your wife. Most of us westerners put far too much trust in the idea that what comes naturally to us as common sense must also be deemed common sense to a Thai – it often doesn’t!

Misunderstandings are a major cause of relationship meltdown, your western instincts will be off, and your western sense and sensibilities will be alien.

Worse still is that most Thais know far less about western culture and values than we know about Thai culture and values...

When you find yourself baffled by your girl’s seemingly insane behaviour, it pays to remind yourself that what you are witnessing probably stems from a cultural misunderstanding. It also pays to bear in mind that most Thai girls will likely think that some of your behaviour is downright odd… such is the nature of cross culture relationships.

Final Thoughts

If you've read through the whole page then hopefully I've gone some way to expanding your knowledge on the scope of options that are available to you with Thai girls and the different sorts of experiences that you can have with them. I think that the main points to emphasize are that:

  • The horror stories about relationships between Thais and westerners are no joke, but they usually stem from really bad beginnings such as getting too attached to a holiday girlfriend and thinking that a working-girl can be converted into a loyal and loving wife.
  • There are massive differences between the girls here and the girls back home in the west. I've only lightly touched on this but you should be in no doubt that you will be much more appreciated for being a masculine male here. The term 'toxic masculinity' is something you need never hear of again...
  • Cultural misunderstandings will be the biggest challenge that you'll need to overcome if you want to enjoy a successful long-term relationship in Thailand. Don't rely on what you regard as common sense because the Thais usually have a very different idea of what that entails.

There are no doubt some things that other long-term visitors will disagree with and I'd encourage you to write in if that's the case for you. I'm not sitting in my ivory tower here handing down unalterable truths written in stone about Thai girls. I'm happy to publish your opinions if they are well-written and of sufficient depth (1,000 words or more). If that idea appeals, you can reach me via the contact link at the bottom of the page.

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