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A Thai ladyboy escort service is an option that might appeal to you if you are interested in meeting a ladyboy in Pattaya. On the whole I'd advise against using an escort service as the prices tend to be very high. Pattaya ladyboy escorts do ask for cheaper rates than you'll find in Bangkok and other destinations, but with the number of ladyboys that you can meet in various bars in sin city, there really is no need to pay the higher prices asked by escorts.

At my recommended Thai dating site you'll find the best option for finding ladyboys. Whether or not you would like to meet someone for something casual, or for something more long-term, I recommend you try online dating. Thai ladyboy escorts are simple to arrange meetings with, but it isn't at all difficult to meet someone online. It's completely different to online dating in the West where it takes forever to get anywhere. If you are planning a trip to Pattaya then joining a dating site a few weeks before will give you ample time to set up some meetings, and there are lots of ladyboys waiting for you online at my recommended site.

Returning to prices, just to give you an idea, Pattaya ladyboy escorts tend to cost something like four times the amount that you would pay in a bar i.e. as much as 4,000 baht for a single hour. The day-rate is even worse, one whole day can be as much as 16,000 baht! Unless you are in a fortunate financial position I'm guessing that you can see why I recommend the online route. The people that you'll meet there are regular people, so you won't need to pay them a penny for their time...

Thai Ladyboy Escort; the unique selling points

As with lady escorts, the really unique selling point with Thai ladyboy escorts is their discretion. If you would feel in any way uncomfortable about meeting someone in a bar or on a ladyboy dating site, you can make a simple appointment online and arrange for someone to come and meet you at a place of your choice. One possible additional bonus, if you struggle to spot the ladyboys from the girls, is that you'll know upfront exactly what you are dealing with!

You shouldn't have any trouble finding a Thai ladyboy in a bar though. At one time the bars in the red-light areas usually employed both girls and ladyboys. These days the bars tend to employ either all ladyboys or all girls... which makes things a bit simpler if you sometimes struggle to spot one from another.

There is a greater risk factor involved with ladyboys compared to girls in terms of being drugged, robbed and so on, so another selling point for Thai ladyboy escorts is that you should be completely safe. Using an agency comes with their assurance that you'll get what you pay for, and if they were to employ any dangerous ladyboys then they wouldn't survive as an escort service, so I think that you can relax on that score.

The local news in Pattaya seems to report a more than proportionate incidence of trouble between tourists and ladyboys compared to tourists and bar-girls. My advice here is the same as it is with girls... stick with companions that you meet at their workplace (or via an agency). If anything goes wrong, you’ll know where to go to register a complaint or, if the situation calls for it, where to direct the police. Because you have this capability, you’re much less likely to have any trouble in the first place compared to what might happen with someone you met on the street.

Thai Ladyboy Escort; final thoughts

One big difference between Pattaya ladyboy escorts and their female counterparts is that, whilst a girl may have resorted to this line of work because she has gone through a failed marriage and needs an income to support her children; this is obviously not the case with ladyboys. It follows that there might be more ladyboys that are working out of choice rather than a desperate need for money.

That said, Thai culture holds that the female children need to take care of their parents and when a son becomes a ladyboy, he also assumes that female responsibility, which means that he may still have reluctantly resorted to prostitution as a means of earning the necessary cash. Prostitution may also have been necessary bearing in mind that ladyboys are excluded from many jobs, especially in the public sector. A Thai ladyboy escort can earn a lot of money, even by Western standards, so that might well be the only reason for their choice of work.

As mentioned above, the online dating option is a much cheaper option than paying for an escort, and it offers you the chance to make contact with lots of ladyboys from a distance. By the time you get to Thailand, you can easily have lots of dates set up for free!

My recommended ladyboy dating site allows you to set up a free account and even use some facilities for free. You will know whether or not this site will be of any use to you well before you need to pay any cash to upgrade your account.

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