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Whilst there is no such thing as a simple Thai mail order bride service which delivers a wife to your doorstep, there are organisations out there that approximate this kind of thing. They tend to operate as introduction agencies and invariably claim to have undergone a rigorous vetting of the ladies that have registered with them... the idea being that the unscrupulous gold-digging sorts have been weeded out and the remaining ladies are ready for serious commitment!

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The vetting procedure claims alone should put you off using these introduction services because it simply is NOT possible to identify the good girls from the bad ones by any simple vetting procedure. If a Thai lady means to deceive, it will take a little more than a one-off test to discover her true motives!

The safest way is to learn all about the differences between Thai culture and Western culture in order to increase your understanding of Thai emotions. When you get that sorted, you can use your own judgement about when things are real and when they are not. In any case, you'll save a lot of money, and build up a lot more experience, by using a reputable online dating site instead putting your future in the hands of an agency that makes impossible claims.

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Thai Mail Order Bride Services; a better option

I've promoted online dating on other pages, but it's worth stressing again... especially if you are considering giving a small fortune to an introduction agency! Let's be clear from the start, there are lots of gold-diggers online. That's half the reason why you should sign up... it is a really good idea to contact lots of online girls and get used to communicating with them.

Have a read of my Thai dating section and use the information there to start learning about what danger-signs to look out for. You'll then be able to take your time and do some proper long-term vetting tests of your own. In time, online chatting will help you to spot the less trustworthy girls. Also, once you are in Thailand, you'll have lots of dates set up for free, and lots of... erm... human interaction too!

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Thai Mail Order Bride Services in focus

I recall a time that I applied for a visa for a Thai girlfriend to come back with me to the U.K. One of the necessary requirements for qualifying for a visa left me scratching my head and wondering why it was there. That requirement was that, to be eligible for a U.K. visa, my girl would need to have met me in person before... how the hell could she have not have met me before??!?!

I now know that requirements like this are there as an attempt to stop sham relationships aimed at getting nationals from poorer countries into richer countries as economic migrants. A Thai mail order bride would be seen as a sham marriage. I suspect that there have been more than a few of these mail order marriages that have ended with the wife becoming an illegal immigrant after obtaining all the money that she can from her husband and then disappearing!

These sham marriages have also been used as a vehicle for human-trafficking. I've heard stories of guys being married and discovering some time later that their wife, after disappearing, had been spotted working in a massage parlour... they have even been spotted online, advertising themselves!

If you do go ahead with a Thai mail order bride service and things go badly, you might find yourself in all sorts of trouble. If you get involved with an organised human-trafficking gang, you could end up coming into contact with some very dangerous characters. Another possibility is that you could end up in trouble with the law in your own country if you've stretched the truth in any way to get a visa approved.

I think that anyone considering this option already knows that it is an extremely risky thing to do. Just ask yourself why any honest Thai lady would be interested in marrying someone she's never met before. My very best advice is to steer clear of this and have a look at the online Thai dating option instead.

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