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The other Non Immigrant Thai Visas: on this page I think it is worth outlining a few extra details about the other types of non immigrant visa that are available. There are particular qualifying criteria that you need to consider before applying.

If you are looking for particular information about the Thailand marriage visa, which is a particular type of non immigrant visa, please click the link. Similarly, if you want to know about the Thailand retirement visa, please click this link.

The other non immigrant Thai visas that I am referring to are the Thai business visa, Thai fiancee visa, Thai education visa and Thai other visa. Please note though, that the information here is not complete, so don't rely on it. Use it as a starting point to figure out your own needs. Speak to the Thai embassy in your own country for more information.

Thai visas; the Thai business visa

The Thailand business visa applies if you are intending to work in Thailand either for a Thai company or a foreign company. You will need this visa even if you want to work here for your own company that has absolutely nothing to do with Thailand. You will also need the Thai business visa if you are intending to do some vocational training.

Generally speaking, the evidence that you will need to provide for this visa is a letter from your foreign, or Thai, intended employer in support of your application. If you are intending to work for a foreign company rather than a Thai company, you will still need a letter from a Thai company e.g. if you work for a consultancy that intends you to do some research for a Thai company, you need that Thai company to support you. According to the visa guidance I've seen, you may have a problem if your company is not a business to business organisation, e.g. a retail business that serves consumers, because there will be no Thai business to support your application (update - Siam-Legal will provide this letter for you if you use their services to prepare the visa application).

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If you are intending professional work, you will also need to show the correct qualifications and certificates to show that you are capable of doing the work.

To see the latest high-salary job opportunities in Thailand, click this link: Jobs in Thailand

Another option is to register a new business in Thailand. You can then simply write yourself a supporting letter. The downside is that it will cost you a significant amount of money to do this, I can't recall exactly how much, but I think you will not get much change from 100,000 baht. I also believe that you will only be allowed to own 49% of any business that you do set up, the other 51% needs to be Thai owned.

Thai visas; the Thai fiancee visa

This is a really easy one - it doesn't exist! Whilst many western countries offer fiancee visas for you to take your Thai girlfriend to your country, the same thing does not exist in the opposite direction. I'm not exactly sure what the ruling is here; if you know in advance of travelling to Thailand that you intend to get married here, you may well be required to disclose that information. On the other hand, if you fall in love over here and set about getting married afterwards, you will not be required to produce any kind of visa permit to enable the marriage.

You will, however, almost certainly need to gain some official proof from your own embassy in Thailand that you are eligible to marry i.e. that you are not already married or recently divorced. What you can't do, is get a non-immigrant visa to stay in Thailand for up to a year, just because you are engaged to marry a Thai citizen.

Thai visas; the Thai education visa

The education visa covers all sorts of non-vocational types of purposes. It applies if you are intending to go to university in Thailand, be part of a study or observation, be involved in a project, go to a conference, go to a trade fair, attend an event in an official capacity, or even if you want to study as a Buddhist monk. In all cases, you will need the relevant Thai organisation to write you a letter in support of your visa application.

Thai visas; the Thai 'other' visa

The Thailand marriage visa is a form of non immigrant other visa but, as stated above, this is discussed in more detail on a separate webpage..... which you can access via this link 'Thailand marriage visa'.

The remaining uses of the Thai other visa cover a wide variety of activities. You should choose this visa if you intend to visit a family member that is working or living in Thailand. For example, suppose you are married to a Thai lady and live here using a marriage visa. Suppose you also have a child from a previous marriage. That child can qualify for an 'other' visa to visit you in Thailand.

A birth certificate would be required as evidence of your relationship, along with a letter from you confirming your residence in Thailand and a copy of your marriage visa.

Volunteer work would qualify you for a visa too; all you need is a supporting letter from the charity involved. If you are a pensioner, you can get a visa by showing evidence of your pension receipt. If you are aged 50+, you can also get the visa provided that you can show that you have savings, income or a combination of both that adds up to 800,000 baht for a year (less if you want to visit on a single entry 90 day visa).

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