Thailand Girl; living in Thailand

If emigrating to go and live with your Thailand girl is an option for you then you can count yourself as a lucky man. Thailand is an amazing place, and it still offers a relatively low cost of living. However, it's not all a bed of roses. There are a number of issues that you might not expect relating to your girl. If you were thinking that your girl would be the same person that you new when you first met her on your vacation, you might be disappointed. This is because you will now be fully exposed to Thai culture; there's nothing wrong with this but it is a very unique culture that will, at times, challenge your viewpoint on how things ought to be done.

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Thailand Girl; problems you will have in Thailand

Once you start your new life in Thailand as an expat you will, more or less, be fully exposed to Thai culture. Life is not a vacation, so you shouldn't expect life here to resemble the few weeks that you spent here on vacation. Your Thailand girl will immerse you into her family and all that this entails. I've written about the financial expectations from the extended family before, (click this Thailand wife link for more info) and you really should prepare yourself for this one! Once you are living in Thailand, you will be more exposed to this because your girl will want to help out with all sort of daily expenses.

I've heard some Thai dating horror stories too; it's a sad fact that some people, Thai or farang, are money grabbing scumbags. I know of one Thai man who used to run a lottery game... when someone got lucky and won 100,000 baht he couldn't pay up... so he got straight on the phone to his daughter demanding the necessary cash from her Western husband!

I've also heard of a Western man that built a house in Thailand for himself and his Thai family, but he built it on his father-in-law's land. The father-in-law then promptly borrowed a few hundred thousand baht using that land as collateral. When he couldn't repay his debts, the poor Western man had to pay up or face losing his house! Obviously, not all Thai's are as unscrupulous as this, but you do need to be very careful.

Another problem that you will need to face is that, in Thailand, you will be isolated from your friends and family back home. You are going to miss certain aspects of your life that you left behind and, over time, this will be an issue for you.

Thailand Girl; other problems you may have

One simple but potentially huge problem that you could face relates to the visa application for Thailand. Retirement visas come with a list of qualifying criteria, and there are no guarantees that you will be successful. You probably will be OK, but there is always the chance that something could go wrong.

If you have children, you are advised to choose a school for them very carefully. Education standards vary enormously and it might be that the only school you like is a bit on the expensive side.

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If you live with your Thailand girl somewhere near to her family, you will find that the whole family moves around as a unit. Whether it's going to a restaurant, going shopping, heading to the beach or whatever, you will often have a bunch of relatives coming with you... and guess who will be presented with an opportunity to demonstrate generosity!

If you live in one of the tourist destinations like Pattaya, you might find it a challenge to get out alone for a quiet beer or two. You can imagine why; there are all sorts of temptations wandering around and your girl will be concerned that your unfaltering loyalty might go astray!

Thailand Girl; final thoughts

Generally speaking, the long-term problems that you will face with dating Thai girls in Thailand are mostly financial in nature. This is because it is so easy to look just at the price of things in Thailand compared to the West and think that you will spend a lot less here. If you know nothing about dating in Thailand then this is a mistake that is easily made.

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If you have more cash than your extended Thai family, which you likely will, then they will expect you to help them out a great deal financially. Also, so many things that are provided free of charge by the public sector in the West are not free in Thailand... it all adds up!

If you intend to be moving around from one place to another with any kind of frequency, you'll want to make sure that you save as much money as possible on hotel costs. In Pattaya my recommended hotels are:

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Siam Bayshore, South Pattaya - expensive but classy

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