Thailand Lady and Dating

Thailand Lady overview; this is part 2 of a 3-part report on the common issues that Western men often have to deal with when dating a Thai lady. Part 1 started with a look at common cultural misunderstandings that often cause trouble and strife, especially with the extended Thai family. In this part I'll briefly look at some of the horror stories I know of, and some of the danger-signs to look out for in a Thai lady. Click: Pattaya Ladies part 1 to go back to the beginning.

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Thailand lady; some horror stories

I've heard all sorts of horror stories about unsuspecting Westerners getting into relationships with the wrong Pattaya ladies. Getting seriously involved with a lady from a Pattaya bar is often the start of many problems. Online Thai dating is not danger-free, but it is definitely a safer option than involvement with a bar-girl.

I frequently hear about people, involved with a bar-girl, who have sent regular substantial payments to their girl on the understanding that they have quit their job in Pattaya and gone back to their home village to wait for their return, only to find out that the girl has got a number of other men doing exactly the same thing!

Pattaya beach roadThink conservative & modest when thinking of good girls; not cleavage & cigarettes...

I've heard Thai dating horror stories about men who have actually sorted out a visa for their lady to come back to their home country with them, only to get dumped once the girl arrives. I have lived in the UK with my own Thai wife for a while and gotten to know a number of other UK/Thai couples.... many of the Thai ladies are up to no good of one sort or another. One has got two other lovers her husband knows nothing of, another has gambled thousands of pounds (about a million baht) down the drain without her husband's knowledge!!! Makes me wonder what I don't know about my own lovely lady, ha!!!!

Thailand Lady; some signs to be wary of

There are some things to be particularly wary of when dating a Thailand lady. By this I'm referring to two specific things i.e. the general character of the girl and the nature of life in Pattaya for the girls that work in the bars. There is much more advice in my section about Thai Dating, but here we go for now...

First up is the girl's character and the way she behaves. Again, everyone is different so I'm talking about generalities that may or may not apply in any specific case - you need to be the judge of that. Generally speaking, good hearted well intentioned Thailand ladies will be quite shy and reserved. Her English language skills may well be basic at best which indicates little exposure to Westerners.

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Outside of the main tourist areas, Thailand is a conservative country where brash, outspoken behaviour is looked down upon. Dress is usually not of the revealing variety you get in the bars. If you meet your girl in a bar and she goes to get changed into something a little more respectable before leaving, that's a good sign.

If your girl is quiet and shy, it's another good sign. If she has tattoo's, piercings, smokes and has bleached blonde hair, these are all bad signs. Don't forget though, they're just signs not proofs. If she has a dozen phone calls a day and speaks English with the person at the other end - bad sign. If she is quick to lose her temper, and even argues with her parents - very bad sign!

In part 3 of the report the thorny issue of a life of bar work is looked at. If you met your girl in a Pattaya bar, you should be extra careful. Click: Pattaya Women part 3 to continue.

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