Walking Street Map and South Pattaya Map

Pattaya Walking Street Map Overview

The whole Walking Street area covers an area of no more than 0.1 square kilometres. Packed inside that small area you will find enough hedonistic entertainment to make Hugh Hefner weep with joy! Thousands of the most attractive of the Pattaya Girls are packed into this area.

There are all sorts of things going on in or around Walking Street and it is not just a place for naughty boys. You will see couples and families walking around all over the place. There are really good restaurants, street entertainers, bars, discos, and music venues everywhere. That said, if I really had to nail down the single best thing about this place, I would have to give that honour to the Walking Street Map area Gogo Girl. The biggest and best agogo bars are here; my current personal favourite is Angelwitch on Soi 15.

south Pattaya map

Another strong recommendation from me is to try out the Pattaya Beer Garden. You can find it at the end of the pier on beach road just before you get to Walking Street.

You need to walk past a few run down beer bars to get to the Pattaya Beer Garden, but once there you'll get a great sea view, great service, great food and really cheap prices.

Pattaya Walking Street Map; the best features

There are six main features that really make Walking Street and the surrounding area as good as it is.

From time to time you get events and parties along the beach. You can get these along other parts of the beach, but I think they are more frequent and popular along the southern part from Soi 13,3 down to Walking Street.

I've already mentioned the food in the Pattaya Beer Garden, but there are lots of other very high quality restaurants to be found. The seafood restaurants in particular are excellent, but the prices are a bit on the high side. There are international restaurants of all sorts too - Mexican, American, all sorts of European food, Indian, Thai and so on.

Some of the newest and best of the Pattaya bars are to be found within the Walking Street map area. The prices are higher than in the other areas but the quality and the atmosphere make up for it. Bar games are popular here - Connect 4, Jenga, and the dice game. Pool is less frequently seen but still available in many of the bars.

The Agogo Pattaya bars here are the best around. Soi 15 off Walking Street is home to some of the best; Angelwitch is located here and is my personal favourite. Inside Angelwitch you get more than your typical agogo.... you get all sorts of acts too. The quality of the girls is high and you will be well looked after by the staff. You can get taken advantage of in some places but this one is trustworthy.

Soi Diamond is another of my favourites; it is not a very big soi, but it has got character. There is an atmosphere here that I like - it's got a few close-knit bars and restaurants and personally I think it is a good place to start your night before wandering off to the more hectic areas.

The live music venues are the best in Pattaya. There are a few to choose from but I think that the Rolling Stone 2 bar is the best. The quality of the singers always seems to be high here whilst some of the other music venues rely on blowing your head off with the volume set far too high!

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