Wong Amat Beach; an excellent beach

I am a big fan of Wong Amat beach; it is full of character and has a lot of quality spots to sit down, take the weight off your feet, and enjoy the sun. Of all the mainland Pattaya beaches, this one is my favourite for a stroll, you can walk back from this beach all the way to Pattaya beach. My favourite hotel is also found here, right at the tip of Pattaya Bay and Wong Amat. If you don't mind the expense, it is worth a look:

Dusit Thani - excellent location

The scenery here is a lot more interesting than what you will find on the main Pattaya beach, there are large rocks that create a number of secluded smaller beaches. Wong Prachan beach joins onto this beach seamlessly, and together the two beaches offer lots of character.

Wong Amat offers a really good balance between relaxation, seclusion, and the usual facilities such as restaurants, bars, beach massage and so on. Another good thing is that there are various places where you can find a padded sun-lounger to lay down on rather than just the usual deck chairs you find elsewhere.

Wong Amat Beach; how it measures up

Sand Quality. The sand here varies a bit in quality. On some parts of the beach you get shingle here and there, but on other parts you get really good powdery sand. Overall, the sand quality is higher than on the main Pattaya beach.

Cleanliness. There isn't much rubbish/waste on Wong Amat beach to speak of, and the water is really clean too. You do still get the odd bit of discarded waste, but not much. Basically, you don't need to worry about dirt here, it is nice and clean.

Hassle factor. Much better than in other areas! There are still salesmen here and there but they are much fewer in number as you would expect on a less busy beach. I think the fact that this beach is also located far from the main beer bar complexes also discourages the street vendors. That's because the beer bar complexes are just as big a hunting ground for them as the beach is.

Entertainment. There is plenty of entertainment here but of a different kind. You won't see jet-skis or banana boats, but you will find better outlets for quieter, more relaxed entertainment. For example, you can find massage tents with comfortable mattresses to lie down on (no 'happy endings' here, all is openly on view). You can find a quiet spot for some fishing if you like... some local Thais do this. There are small fishing boats dotted around rather than the speed boats you get on the main Pattaya beach.

Beauty and Scenic aspect. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say, but I think most beholders would agree that this is a very attractive place. It is not in the same league as Krabi, Phi Phi and other scenic places in the south of Thailand but, anyone that describes Pattaya as having a terrible beach (and some people do) can't have seen this beach before.

Ease of Access. Located just beyond the northern tip of Pattaya bay, you can easily walk there if you choose to. If you prefer to get a taxi you can get one on second road, get off after Soi 1, near to the dolphin roundabout and head back to the beach. You can walk from the northern part of Pattaya beach to Wong Amat beach but the trail is a little tricky in places. You will be ok if you are able-bodied and wearing flat shoes or sandals.

Privacy and Seclusion. You will not struggle for privacy and seclusion. Parts of the beach get fairly deserted although you are unlikely to be the only person around. Some of the quiet parts are just a stone's throw away from the busier parts so you benefit from the advantages of both i.e. facilities in the busy parts, and peace and quiet in the not so busy parts.

Safety. There are, generally speaking, fewer people around than in other areas but there are still some people here and there. Some parts of the beach do get very busy. The lack of other people might lead you to feel a little more vulnerable but I've never heard of any trouble in this area of Pattaya.

Although there is not much waste on the beach, you do still get some waste. I have seen broken glass from time to time. There is no lifeguard on watch, but the smaller, quieter beaches make it an easier job to keep an eye on the kids. Be careful climbing over the rocks, a fall would no doubt hurt a lot!

Wong Amat Beach; other thoughts

If you feel like doing some exploring and you are tempted by my report on Wong Amat beach and Wong Prachan beach, you can find them just beyond the northern tip of Pattaya bay. All you need to do is keep walking northwards along the main Pattaya beach. In parts you might think that there is no available access, but you can find a way through if you look.

Once you do get to the beach, you will find that it has a completely different feel to it compared to the main Pattaya beach. There is no busy main road behind the beach, and this gives the area a quieter and more relaxed feel. In parts, you can sit back and watch a few local Thai fishermen working around the rocks.

There are some very good hotels backing on to the beach. If good, relaxing Pattaya beaches are important to you, I'd recommend having a closer look at these hotels.... Dusit Thani Hotel in particular looks beautiful.

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